Full line-up announcement

Hey there voyagers, our full line-up announcement is here! We are happy to announce that there will be over 40 artists attending the Weekend Voyage Festival this year, together they will deliver 36 hours of electronic music in a span of 3 days across our 2 stages, The Square and The Circle.

Joining us on this voyage will be a line-up of some of the most acclaimed electronic elites around the world, with ANII, Konstantin Sibold, Mooglie, SOEL, and The Element playing in The Square while on the other side, The Circle will be led by Bell Towers, Fantastic Man, Prins Thomas, and Van Anh. Playing alongside them will be an eclectic line-up of regional and local finest with:

Anh Vy – Artmony – Cong – Dazed P – Di Linh – Exes – Khoi Mai – Kin – Lam Dao – Lam Dao Dao b2b Tuong Hoang – Levi Oi – Manikk – Matty – Max Cleo – Min.D – Min8 – Minoto – Monotape – MRKD – Mya – Nouch b2b Drew – Oso b2b Zoey – Ouissam – Park:ing – Ro-tune – Sivanesh – T.M.T – Useph – Xuxi – Yang

Tickets & room packages are now available to purchase on our website, grab them early and join us on this unforgettable voyage in Seashells Hotel & Spa Phu Quoc this 18th to 20th November 2022.